Truck crashed through a restaurant in Detroit

The speeding car crashed through the front window of a fast-food restaurant. The incident took place in Michigan on Saturday, January 1, 2021. When the car entered the restaurant after a crash, everyone in the restaurant got panicked and ran out of the restaurant.

Zorba Coney Island Detroit Accident
As per the sources, the frightening incident took place at Zorba’s Coney Island in Detriot’s Lasalle College Park neighborhood at around 1 PM on New Year’s Day. Along with this, the spokesperson of the Detroit Police Department said that no one was injured seriously in this incident but a few get some minor injuries. The cause behind the crash is still unclear but the officials are trying to find out.

The Deputy Chief, Rudy Harper said that the investigation of this incident is underway and after a few information, it is believed that this is a hit-and-run case because the driver of the SUV and the passengers fled the scene.

Still, the police did not make any arrests related to this incident. Through a CCTV Surveillance camera situated outside the restaurant, a grey-colored SUV can be seen turning into the parking lot and suddenly, the SUV crashed into the restaurant.

Zorba’s Restaurant Crash Hit and Run
As per the video, it believes that the driver accelerates suddenly and crashed through the window of Zorba’s and move out between two cars that were parked in the lot.

When the car crashed into the restaurant, the driver took reverse to his car and came out of his SUV, and begins walking away from the spot as captured in the camera. The driver was male and the other passenger was a female. She also came out of the driver’s seat and comes to the driver.

It could be easily seen that the driver was in panicked and his hands on his head in apparent disbelief at one point. There were two cameras, outside and inside the restaurant. The inside camera captured a man who was just saved from this accident and thrown from a booth into an order window by a car.

He survived at the moment and is able to stand and run from there. The video was first shared by HuffPo’s Phil Lewis on Twitter.

Along with this, the drivers of the parked car moved their cars from the parking lot as they were worried about this accident. The video has gone viral on social media and watched by millions of people.