Seattle suspect killed by police after killing K9 unit dog

A Seattle police officer shot and killed a suspect after a burglary in south Seattle Wednesday afternoon, according to the Seattle Police Department (SPD),

Prior to the shooting, the suspect stabbed and killed police K9 Officer Jedi and stabbed another officer in the face, according to SPD.

Police initially responded to a call of an attempted burglary on the 2200 block of South Eddy Street around 2:12 p.m. Wednesday, according to Seattle Police Assistant Chief Tom Mahaffey. The caller told police the suspect was armed with a knife.

Officers from the south precinct and a police K9 responded to the address, where they spotted the suspect, Mahaffey said.

Police approached the suspect who then fled the scene, according to SPD. Police pursued the suspect onto the 6700 block of Swift Avenue.

The police dog was released in an attempt to catch the suspect. The suspect then turned on the dog, stabbing and killing him. An officer shot and killed the suspect while they were attacking the dog, police said.

At some point during the struggle, an SPD officer was also stabbed in the face, police said. The officer suffered minor injuries.

Seattle police said K9 Officer Jedi was one of the department’s top-performing K9 officers.

“He and his handler/partner were involved in many successful tracks, searches, and apprehensions over five years serving the people of Seattle,” the police department said in a tweet.

There is no information on the deceased suspect’s identity.

The Seattle Police Department Force Investigations Team, the Civilian Office of Professional Accountability and the Inspector General are investigating the incident.

The officer who sustained minor injuries was treated at the scene and later sought medical attention at a local hospital.