NYPD clapping at gang members

NY, USA: CCTV shows the moment an NYPD officer opened fire on ‘Own Every Dollar’ gang members as they drove a black BMW onto the curb nearly hitting a group of pedestrians.
The group were reported to police after a security guard at Pergola restaurant spotted them checking out the eatery in NoMad, Manhattan, around 12:50 a.m. on October 11 before fleeing the scene in a black BMW 330i.
They are thought to be responsible for least 12 jewelry robberies across New York in the last four months.
The video showed the black BMW hitting two cars before jumping the curb and narrowly missing Manhattan diners chatting on the sidewalk. As the car barreled down the sidewalk, an officer fired at the suspected gang members as the vehicles sped in his direction.
Officers Brittany Vera, Kenneth Taylor, and Brandon Lopez were on the scene in October when they called Officer Corey Titus, of the Manhattan South Burglary Larceny Assault and Robbery Enforcement (BLARE) Team for back up.
CCTV footage showed the officers strategically position their cars to block the suspicious vehicle that was parallel parked from driving down the street.
Another CCTV camera further down the block captured the rest of the commotion. Pedestrians were standing on the sidewalk and the side of the street casually conversing.
The gang members initially got away before one member, Wilson Mendez, was taken into custody near Madison Square Park after a chase through the streets of the city.
He was pictured with blood streaming down his face. The two other men got away